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We now need to set up your hosting account in order to make your website live on the Internet.

What is Hosting?

You can think of hosting as your own private computer on the Internet which stores and serves your website to it's visitors 24/7/365.

Our hosting however goes well beyond that as we provide a personal service alongside the standard hosting you find everywhere else.

Our hosting provides you with:

  1. the rental of the hardware and software needed in order to display your website to your customers 24/7/365.
  2. the rental of the hard drive space on the server that you need in order to store your website and it's data on the Internet.
  3. the software and storage space used to provide you with your own name@yourwebsitename email addresses.
  4. We install security software that keeps your site safe from hackers.
  5. We maintain your website software, keeping it up to date on a day to day basis as and when software updates are released so you don't need to worry about the technical backend side of running a site.
  6. We handle any small changes and updates to your website. (Small changes like updating an address or telephone number.) Any changes beyond that may incur additional costs - contact us to chat if you are unsure about whether your changes / updates will incur additional costs.

Let's Activate Your Website's Hosting

The first step in the process is to set up your hosting payments your hosting payment will be:

$9 per month payable in advance

(You can cancel your hosting at any time from your Profile page in two clicks, or via our Contact Us page.)

Step 1 - Choose Your Payment Method

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