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How it Works

You can instantly start earning a healthy commission just by sending your friends, family and website traffic to the Hobby Into a Business Course.

Each time one of your visitors purchases the course, you get a cool 50% of the purchase price sent your way.

Sell just three courses and your own course is paid for. Sell more and you are making money for jam.


What Do I Have to Do?

  1. Join the affiliate program
  2. Promote the course
  3. Get paid

It really is as easy as that, simply follow the instructions below to get started.

You Earn 50% per Sale

Step 1 - Join the Affiliate Program

(Skip this step if you are already an affiliate)

Create yourself a FREE affiliate account on Clickbank HERE (Opens in a new tab)

Make a note of your username at Clickbank

Note - If you have a related website or targeted (500+) mailing list feel free to contact us to discuss getting free access to the course in order to review it before promoting.

Step 2 - Create Your Affiliate Link

Now you want to create your affiliate link. You do it like this:

Add this to the end of ANY page from the website:


For example if your username at Clickbank is "seller1" then your affiliate link would be:

You can use ANY page on the website, so just copy the website page address you are on and add the


onto the end.

In other words you can send your referrals to any page on the website and get credit for the sale.

Pro Tip for Clickbank Ninjas

If you want to add your own tracking id (tid) to the sale, then you can add this AFTER the ?from=YourClickbankUsername:


so the link would look something like this:

Step 3 - Promote the Course

Below you will find links to the various assets you can use to promote the course, simply click the button that you are interested in and copy and paste the images, add them to your website.

Don't forget to replace the "YourClickbankUsername" text with your Clickbank Username

3 Step Sales Funnel

The site includes a 3 step sales funnel with 2 amazing upsells presented after the initial sale.

The initial sale is kept low for a quick sale. The customer then sees that we are offering massive value so trusts us enough to upgrade to the higher prices upsells.

You only need to send the customer to the initial $17 course, we will do the rest. You however will get commission on all sales along the funnel. How awesome is that 🙂

This is what the funnel looks like:

This is what each step consists of:

Initial Sale : 16 Module pdf ebook course consisting of a whopping 500 pages including many bonus additions like spreadsheets and checklists

Upsell 1 : 13 Practical Step by Step Video Lessons complimenting and expanding on the ebook course. The videos total over 15 hours worth of incredible value and can stand alone as a course.

Upsell 2 : 13 QnA videos. This course was originally recorded live online with over 100 students from around the world. After each lesson I spent around 30 minutes answering the students questions and providing feedback on their progress. This extra 6 hours worth of rock solid advice is an incredible addition to the course as it contain a treasure trove of additional advice and encouragement.

Keep Up To Date

Stay up to date with new affiliate assets added to this area, as well as any new products I have available to promote.

Thank You

Nolan Clark

Nolan Clark

Art by Nolan

Thank you for choosing to promote my course. I look forward to working with you.

If you need any other assets to help you promote, please don't hesitate to Contact Me

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